“30 RIGHTS, 30 ADS”

The increasing interest of young people in learning their human rights generated by the What are Human Rights? booklet led to the creation of 30 educational public service announcements (PSAs), each depicting one of the human rights laid out in the Universal Declaration.

The award-winning “30 Rights, 30 Ads” PSAs, available in 17 languages, have aired in more than 100 countries on CNN International, Sky News and National Geographic Channel. They are screened on buses, in malls, theaters, sports stadiums, train stations and airports, and are used to introduce human rights lessons and lectures in schools, community centers and other educational settings.

Numerous educators and officials responsible for teaching human rights to young people enthusiastically endorse this educational tool:

“30 Rights, 30 Ads” PSAs have been viewed by tens of millions across 100 countries in every conceivable venue and broadcast medium.

“We’ve shown the public service announcements in our Human Rights Institute gallery. Almost every student who goes by stops at that screen and spends more time watching the public service ads than any of the written material.” —Educator, Network of International Studies

“The videos and booklets put out by Youth for Human Rights International and United for Human Rights can be useful in public and private schools, as they simplify the Universal Declaration so that this vital document can be understood by children of middle school and high school age. I commend these organizations for the work they are doing to bring these resources to educational institutions.” —Representative, Coalition for a Strong United Nations

The “30 Rights, 30 Ads” PSAs playing in a Moscow megamall.

“By your remarkable learning tools—including the video portrayals of all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration and accompanying human rights education materials—and by your challenging student projects designed to place youth in leadership roles within their communities, Youth for Human Rights International and its Liberia chapter are important voices in Liberia’s human rights education process.” —Vice president, Republic of Liberia

Because “30 Rights, 30 Ads” provides a meaningful and readily available presentation that raises awareness, the PSAs are used in a variety of settings in many countries.



In South Africa, they air on national television. Youth for Human Rights volunteers screen them to thousands of students in workshops. The city of Johannesburg partners with Youth for Human Rights to further utilize these and other materials to raise human rights awareness among youth.

In Ecuador, the Youth for Human Rights chapter aired the public service messages to 4.5 million television viewers, while concurrently delivering seminars to thousands of teachers and students. So effective was this nationwide campaign in raising awareness that the Ecuador Ministry of Heritage officially adopted the Youth for Human Rights program.

In Russia, “30 Rights, 30 Ads” has played to 10 million viewers in megamalls, Moscow airports, St. Petersburg trade centers, cineplexes and train stations. The president of Russia’s Interregional Association of Ombudsmen, responsible for defending citizens against government abuse, likewise formally adopted the program to train human rights commissioners.